A Graphical Front-end for
James David Chapman's Barebones DOS Email System

BBMAIL.EXE - Main Menu

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    This page is a utility page to allow downloading and testing of the DOS
program: BBMAIL.EXE, currently beta 0.5.

    BBMAIL.EXE is a developing Graphical Front-end for the program:
BareBone Email System, put together by James David Chapman.
You may download the BBMAIL package here. ca. 74 kb.
The .ZIP package contains two files: BBMAIL.EXE and BBDOC.COM.
    BBMAIL.EXE is the graphic front-end that is intended to make Barebones a
little easier to use for those who are not totally happy with command-lines.
    BBDOC.COM is a self-displaying version of the original file BAREBONE.TXT
that comes with the Barebones package, but may well have been deleted when
Barebones was run for the first time. It can be accessed from within
BBMAIL.EXE, from the HELP Menu.

    Both these files should be copied into the directory where the Barebones
package files have been installed.

CAUTION: You will need to configure the Barebones main file: EMAIL.BAT first.
see BAREBONE.TXT or BBDOC.COM for instructions.
    This is not yet fully available from within BBMAIL.EXE

BBMAIL.EXE is copyrighted FREEWARE !
AUSREG retains copyright, but you may use and distribute THIS program without restrictions, except that YOU MAY NOT SELL IT !

CONTACTS: Please send your comments, suggestions, bug reports etc.. to the appropriate culprit:
James David Chapman : Author of Barebones DOS Email System
Ron Clarke : Author of BBMAIL.EXE